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First things first, I made the switch to Squarespace over the weekend. YAY! I have been in love with the clean and simple interface that Squarespace has to offer for quite sometime, and was amazed at how quick and easy the switch was for me. I am still making some changes to past content and working to integrate my advertising options and such, but overall it has been a lovely transition. I will be sharing more info about the switch and my experience in the days ahead. 

Happy Monday! I have to say this weekend was one of the most restful weekends at our house that we have had in quite some time. I slept forever, and even took a nap Saturday AND Sunday. Ben and I took Piper on a long walk downtown, we sat in our porch swing for a long time and just talked, and watched several episodes of The Big Bang Theory. It was glorious!

One thing I love to do on the weekends is to retreat. I find it so refreshing to step away from social media for a day or two over the weekends and focus on my little family. It does wonders for my soul, and really helps me to keep social media in check. However, I love spending Sunday night or Monday morning catching up on Instagram, my favorite social media platform. 

So I thought I would take a few minutes to share a few of my posts from the past week!. 

. Beanies have hit the Oh Simple Joys shop, and I have this feeling that there may even be a giveaway happening on my favorite social media spot this morning sometime...hint hint! 

2. My sweet husband had to go to a conference in D.C. this past week and was gone for 5 days...so we snapped this picture when he got back and we were dying laughing at trying to get Piper to look at the camera. Clearly the cars were more interesting. 

3. This lovely red infinity scarf has been restocked in the shop, and is so perfect for Valentine's Day coming up! 

4. Ben and I have a little Sunday ritual, breakfast together. Sometimes we have breakfast at a favorite spot in town, or even in bed, but we always have breakfast together on Sundays. Follow along with my hashtag #rachellovessundays

I would love to follow along with you on Instagram, comment your username below or follow me @mrsrachelcox and @ohsimplejoys for more! The Instagram community is such a neat thing and I would love to connect with you there! 

What is your favorite social media outlet to use? 

Oh Simple Joys Reopens + Discount Code

Happy Monday y'all! Just popping in on a rainy Monday morning to let you all know that

Oh Simple Joys

has opened its virtual doors yet again! YAY! I have been working my fingers very hard to get the shop stocked and ready for shopping!

Everything in the shop is ready to ship, and perfect to keep you warm during this ever chilly winter season! I learned a lot in the first few months that I was open...the biggest thing being that I only need to sell what I already have made! So everything will ship within 3-5 business days and I will be doing my very best to keep things stocked over here! Enjoy shopping today with a little discount in celebration of the reopening WEAREBACK10 will give you a 10% discount on anything you purchase! :) Enjoy!

There is more where all this crochet prettiness came from! Head on over right now and grab you some of the limited pieces that are available now! :)

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Messy Kitchens + Discount Code

Good morning friends! I hope each and every one of you are having such a wonderful Monday morning. This is my "day off" which really just means I can wake up with the sun rather that before and focus all my work time on house stuff, blog designs, and my Etsy shop orders. So Mondays are still "work days" for me but so relaxed!

This past weekend was a funky one. I baked all weekend at The Biscuit Shop because my boss went out of town. She normally does all the baking so it was kinda a stressful weekend but so much fun. I love my job and am so grateful that not only did the Lord provide a way for me to help our family financially, but He gave me a job that falls so much in line with my passion for food and the kitchen. 

Ben's family also came in town and hung out most of the day Saturday which was fun. While I was so wiped out from work, it was nice to have people in the house and enjoying watching football together. I fell asleep on the couch with our pup and it was just a great day of recharging and resting. We were able to see some dear college friends over breakfast Sunday morning. These two guys live in Texas now so we don't get to see either of them much anymore, but they were in our wedding and Ben's fraternity brothers and great friends so it was nice to spend time with them over food and coffee. I made buttermilk biscuits, and sausage and cheddar biscuits, which was fun to make at home for the first time. 

Funny story though, I am so used to making 96-100 biscuits at once that we ended up with wayy more biscuits than the 4 of us could eat. So I sent bags of biscuits home with the guys and we have biscuits to munch on for breakfast for the rest of the week! Score!! 

I also was able to spend a good bit of time yesterday just pouring myself out creatively in Photoshop and Illustrator. I have had such a specific vision for my Etsy shop, and I wanted to create some prints that coincide with my overall vision for the shop. I spent some time designing a few prints that I wanted to share with you all today! 

I love the relief that comes from creating a total mess in the kitchen. I hate for the kitchen to stay messy...don't get me wrong, I am a clean person!! PROMISE! But it feels so good to dig my hands deep into flour, or cut veggies and throw them into hot pans without care about some dropping or getting on my clothes. Messes create memories. And messy kitchens are always rich with laughter, and joy, and memories!! I am all about creating products that provide visual reminders of deep and meaningful lessons...like SLOW DOWN, unwind...let go, and make a mess every once and while. 

This song by Sovereign Grace Music always brings me to tears. Music moves me so much, and often speaks to me in such powerful ways. But this song, man y'all...the Lord is so good to love us despite our sin. It truly is a mystery why He chose us...why he wanted a people that left to their own devices would reject Him...he extends grace and love to us, and it is an AMAZING MYSTERY!! 

This final print is so special to me. This is one of my favorite old hymns, and was sung at our wedding by my brother and sister! I love the progression through each verse and the way the Lord is celebrated in it all. It is easy for us to dismiss the love of the Lord by elevating our own "goodness"...but we are all wicked and undeserving of what the Lord has richly poured out on us, and so this love should push us to awe and worship! 

All of these prints can be purchased in the Etsy shop started at $8. They come in 2 sizes, and I can even customize the colors for you to match your style and home more perfectly. AND today only I will have a sale on these prints, use code OHSIMPLEJOYS10 for 10% off all the prints! I pray these bring you encouragement and life and truth to the walls of your home! 

Meet Oh Simple Joys - LAUNCH DAY!! / Giveaway!

It is Monday, and I am back from a wonderful weekend with some of the sweetest blog ladies around. It was good for my soul, and refreshing for my mind on so many levels. I know I stepped away for a few days last week, and I thank each one of you for being so understanding and encouraging. From comments, to texts and kind words you all made me feel so affirmed in my decision to step back. So thanks, after a few days away in the mountain drinking lots of coffee and laughing a ton I am returning to you all so eager to dig deep into my vision for this space and to pour myself into this blog once again! 

Now without further delay...IT IS LAUNCH DAY! I have dreamed for months now about opening an Etsy shop. After facing so many delays, discouragement, and uncertainty I could not be more giddy about opening up this shop today!  Meet Oh Simple Joys!

Oh Simple Joys is about just that...simple joys. This is a shop the celebrates the little things like coffee filled with cold cream, and sunlight dancing on the walls. The products are designed with intention and so much love and thought. My hope is that each product causes those that see them to desire simple pleasures, slower living, and laughter. I want for each person to feel warm and fuzzy, and laugh out loud because of how happy these products make them! 

The goal is to slow down, and notice the "mundane" things that we normally neglect to see. The Lord has surrounded us with beauty and gifts that we too often choose not to thank him for daily. From messes created by healthy children, to a cool breeze in the morning...gifts are everywhere waiting to be discovered. 

Oh Simple Joys is about love, and digging deep into the here and now. 

My deepest desire with this shop is to encourage you. It is not to make tons of money, or sell out of all my products in minutes, or to have everyone know who I am...though I would welcome those things. My goal is you...for you to be lifted up, for you to get your hands on physical items that can serve as reminders of the call to go against the cultural pull to run as fast possible from point A to B. I pray that every t-shirt, tote bag, and coffee mug serves as a little "altar" of senses that reminds you of the calling the Lord has placed on your life, and the many gifts he surrounds you with. 

All of my products are PRE ORDER only right now. I will be placing orders for all products this week, and should have them to ship out in a few short weeks. I am using all the money I make to put towards my trips to Hope Spoken, and The Influence Conference in 2015, so your support means the world to me. 

Hand Lettered Abide T-shirt

Farmer's Market / Grocery Tote. So simple, but so cute!

I will also be selling my crochet items in the shop AND will be accepting custom orders on scarves! More products will be coming in the future. I am a firm believer that less is more, and that quality products are more important than having an abundance of items! I pray these products bring you deep joy in the simple things! 

Because I love you guys, and it is launch day which means we should celebrate, I am giving away one mug, and one tote bag today to two lucky winners! Also, you should keep your eyes out on Instagram today!! (hint hint).

Thank you again for all your encouragement and support in this new venture! I am so excited to begin to use the gift of creativity to bless others, and you each make this dream reality by supporting handmade and shopping with me! You are wonderful!