I am an open book -- Ask Away!!

I have LOVED the question and answer sessions I have seen on some of my favorite bloggers spaces lately. I think it is a brilliant idea, and really allows for you as the readers to get to know the person behind the blog. So today I am doing just that. I would love for you all to ask me all kinds of questions...it can be anything from things you want to know about me, marriage, our puppy...anything. I would love to be as transparent as I can be, and open myself and my life up to you all a little bit more.

So just use the form below and enter your questions. All of these will be anonymous, so no worries about that! I cannot wait to see what questions you come up with. I will be posting my answers in a video in a few weeks so yay for the second blog video, and a chance for you all to hear my apparently rather southern accent again! 

Also, meet one of my sweet sponsors this month, who recently just did a Q&A session herself, Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog! Bailey is a sweetheart, and it is so evident to see how much she loves life and Jesus when you spend just a few minutes on her blog. I love her post on what kind of blogger she is, and her 101 in 1001 list, they are both so inspirational. Make sure and hop on over to Bailey's blog and show her some love today!

What is your favorite smell? 
Oh, girl, tough question! After working at Anthropologie I fell more in love with the Voluspa Volcano candles than I thought was possible. They have a relatively new scent call Blue Jeans in the same signature blue container and it is divine. 

What song always puts a smile on your face?
Summertime demands a good country playlist in my book, and I have to admit "Play it Again" by Luke Bryan is a recent favorite. Really anything with a little bit of twang is the sweet tea to my summer, and his Crash My Party album has been on repeat  ;) 

What is one thing you have learned this month?
This past month was my in-between month, transitioning from Seattle to Texas to wait for the start of grad school in Oklahoma next week. I have learned that transition is not an excuse to forego discipline, especially when it comes to spending time in the Word and taking care of my physical health. It is easy to put things off with my routine out of whack, but the Lord has graciously taught me that every person and every place on my path is purposeful and an opportunity to seek His will for my day-to-day, even when each day looks different than the last.

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Happy Weekend friends! I am unplugging this weekend, and stepping away from social media to enjoy some sweet time with my little family. So enjoy the weekend, and rest with those that you love!