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Reflections on Renew

I have briefly mentioned my trip to Gatlinburg the past two days but wanted to take some time to share more, and reflect some on all that happened while I was there.

I was so anxious prior to the weekend. I kept thinking about how crazy it was that I was going to meet 14 ladies that I follow online for the FIRST time ever in real life. Looking back now it was so silly for me to be anxious...the Lord brought us together this past weekend and it was beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. 

The minute I was in the same room with Madison, it was as if we have been best friends since elementary school...seriously. The level of comfort we felt around each other was something I have not experience with anyone since college, and was truly good for my soul. 

So thankful for this lady and her constant encouragement in my life. Madison listens to me panic, complain, and stress on a regular basis and she always points me back to the Lord. It is such a comforting thing to be her friend. 

Also, the coolest part of the weekend was how myself I was able to be. These ladies understood me. They got my creative desires, and my entrepreneurial instincts...and it was awesome! 

Sadly I hardly have any pictures with other people on my I know there are pictures on other cameras so check out everyone else's blog that was in attendance to see more pics! 






I am having a hard time really putting into words what this past weekend meant to me. It was the restart button for me that I needed when it comes to blog land. I was beginning to feel so defeated and burnt out as many of you noticed lately. Being around passionate and Godly women was exactly what I needed to reawaken motivation for this blog. 

I was able to see for the first time in awhile that the Lord has given me this space for a purpose, and he has brought me followers and readers for His glory, and I am to be a good steward of that gift. I am so excited to dig deeper into what that means for this space! 

Cannot for the next time I am able to hug each one of these ladies in heart aches for them, but I am so deeply grateful for our time together this weekend! 

What a little taste of the weekend? Don't forget to enter my

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This Right Here Is My...Swag.

Try to read that title without singing the Souja Boy song...I mean I am singing it right now, just replacing it to say "pretty girl swag" I am not promoting the message of this song, nor am I saying it is super wholesome...but literally every time I hear the word swag...I bust out into this song. Sometime aloud, sometimes silently while also dancing silently to myself! 

We had an absolute blast at the Renew Retreat this past weekend. After spending what felt like forever talking about it, it finally happened and I got to meet 14 lovely blog friends in real life. It was incredible. I cannot wait to share more about the weekend later this week, as well as some super stellar pics that were snapped! 

One of the best parts of the weekend was getting some of my favorite small business owners products into the hands of some influential bloggers. I have such a passion for handmade and small business, and love promoting brands that I adore and believe in. So our "swag bags" were something I was most looking forward to this weekend. 

My sweet mom helped me print the bags. I designed the little logo for the front, and she made the rest happen. Fun fact, for my new shop, my mom is printing all my products for me! :) 

So here are all of our sponsors from the weekend (please show them some love. These ladies are so talented and you will be so blessed to follow them all). 

Riley Writes Scout - Hymn Print (I am so in love with this. Kat is so talented, and even did my logo for my new Etsy shop. She loves custom orders, and does everything from prints to wedding invitations!)
LavenderandLinen - Headbands (I have had one of Kendra's headbands for awhile now and LOVE it. I have had my eye on this fawn pattern for awhile so I was thrilled when it was included in the package of bands she sent us!!)

KnotaDream - Coffee Cozy (As someone who crochets I was so amazed at Kara's talent with these cozies...they were each unique and special which I loved. The details where beautiful. This lady is seriously a crochet pro!)

Steph Loves Ben - Felt Garland (This is the cutest shop on the block for real. From felt garlands, and flowers to pom pom bouquets Stephanie makes the most adorable little goodies to make your home look perfect in any season! I have my garland hanging on our mantel, and really want to buy a few more!!)

Mollie and Lou - Plastic Cups (We had our own cups for the entire weekend. They were made of heavy duty plastic and just darling! So precious for parties and the holidays!!)
 Vintage Home Studio - Towel (How precious are these? The pattern is adorable and the crochet border is impeccable, trust me I know! You will need to get your hands on one of these towels...or two...or three)

Gingerly Styled - Burlap Prints (Jenni is seriously one of my dear real life friends after this weekend. I love her and I love her heart for her business. She loves Jesus something big and loves being creative, which she rocks at! And she has some awesome new products coming out soon!!!)
 Sweet Aroma Coffee - Coffee for Retreat (Christin gave us 3 bags of coffee to drink all weekend long, and you all have heard how I feel about Sweet Aroma Coffee. Christin was so wonderful, and Madison and I even got to chat with her over coffee which was all kinds of fabulous. Coolest part? Sweet Aroma is offering CHRISTMAS GIFT BOXES!! you can find out more on their site!)

Shop Jessa Olson - Hair Ties (Who doesn't need more hair ties? I lose mine on a weekly basis. These are all so precious and girly...which is right up my ally!)

Caravan Sonnet - Scripture Buntings (I love to hang scripture in our home, and this is just such a precious way to get the Word in the home. Full of color and kinda shabby chic look that I love!)

 And now because this is the week of giveaways apparently on my blog, how about giving away one of these lovely bags full of SWAG?! 

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The Most Exciting Announcement - Renew // Blog Retreat

I could literally squeal, and dance, and sing really loud right now! Y'all...Madison and I have been working on a little something for a couple months now, and it is finally time to share with you all! As you know both Madison and myself, as well as so many of you blog ladies out there, have huge hearts for community. We have been so blessed by the amazing friends we have made through blogging, and we want to provide opportunities for that to flourish, and for those relationships to grow and deepen!

SO...we are hosting a RETREAT! That's right, a getaway retreat in the mountains of Tennessee. We had this idea awhile back and began talking about it, and finally decided, well why can't this be a reality?! So we started looking into cabins, and dates, and planning our little hearts out. And here we are. So let's talk about some details. 

What is Renew about? 

Well this is a women's retreat for fellow blog ladies that want to deepen their community in the online world. This will be a focused time of fellowship, and encouragement in the Word, in order to renew our spirits and encourage one another in our faith. 

Where will the Renew Retreat be?

The retreat will be in the mountains of Tennessee (Sevierville to be exact) in this gorgeous cabin! (Hopefully if enough people sign up), and we will be staying there for 2 nights! This place is awesome, and even has a hot tub, hello late night hot tub chats!

What are the dates of the retreat?

October 17-19th. This will be a two night weekend retreat! We will begin around dinner Friday and leave around lunch on Sunday!

What all will we do at the retreat?

We will be doing all kinds of awesome things. Aside from eating yummy food and drinking loads of delicious coffee, we will spend time studying the Word together, have a super fun DIY craft time, enjoy some fellowship time, as well as have some blog chat time to share tips, inspiration and ideas. We will share more details about other activities in the days ahead! 

How much will it cost? 

We want this to be something that is affordable for everyone, so we are working hard to keep the costs to a minimum. To sign up you will have to pay a non refundable deposit of $50. This will cover the initial cost of booking the cabin. In addition to this deposit, you will be informed of your remaining balance once sign ups have been closed. The total cost will not be over $100, and we hope to keep it less than this. Once we see how many people sign up, we will inform you of the remaining balance, that will go to cover food, craft supplies, and your super awesome swag bags/t shirts pictured below!
How do I sign up? 

There will be 12 spots open, these are all first come first serve, so if you really want to go make sure to sign up quickly. To sign up you simply fill out the Google Form below, and send your $50 deposit to Madison per the form instructions.

Sign up here!

Once these first 12 spots fill up we will have a separate form that will be our waiting list. These people will be able to fill in for any of the 12 that may have to cancel. AND because sign ups are filling up so fast, we are hoping to fill up a SECOND CABIN with those on the waiting list if enough people sign up!

If you sign up and are later unable to attend, you have the option of selling your spot to someone on the wait list, but you will not be able to get your deposit back unfortunately! So make sure to take that into consideration as you sign up!

Is there a deadline to sign up? 

Yes! You must sign up, and pay the $50 deposit by FRIDAY, AUGUST 1ST in order to secure your spot. If you have a conflict with this date or need to discuss it with us for some reason please do not hesitate to send Madison or myself an email and we will do our best to work with you! 

We are so excited about this time to meet one another face to face, and to enjoy deepening sweet friendships for a weekend together! We really hope you will consider joining us, and cannot wait to see all the Lord is going to do for the Renew Retreat! 

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me! :)

If you are an Etsy or Small Business owner and would like to contribute to our swag bags please contact me through the contact button above. We would love to feature your handiwork as well as get your brand into the hands of some awesome bloggers!