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Bread & Wine Project / Vol. 2 Restaurant Style Salsa

Friends...Yesterday was crazy, and awesome but was a whole lot of crazy. I started a new job at The Biscuit Shop...think doughnut shop meets biscuits. That is right, we sell all different varieties like peach, strawberry, and blueberry, and ham and cheddar and chocolate chip. It is amazing, and the perfect job for my extrovert soul. However the 6 am morning are a kick in my routine's booty, so I am worn out, and just had this entire written and my computer didn't save it and refreshed the page and I lost everything...bah tough day.

Anyways, Today is Ben's birthday! YAY! So I have been going a million different directions this week trying to get ready for work, start work, prepare for my hubby's birthday, oh...and our little Piper girl got fixed on Monday, so we have been taking care of her too. CRAZYYYY. Again thank you for your patience with me as I am navigating this new change in my schedule. You have all be so encouraging and supportive and it means so much to me! Y'all rock! 

So, WELCOME to the 2nd Bread & Wine Project! So happy to have you here. The rules are simple. Follow your host and co host, link back to this post, comment on two other blogs! I hope you will meet some new friends and find some great recipes! 

Meet your co host this week! Kaitlin, of Sew My Soul!

Hi! I'm Kaitlin at Sew My Soul, and I blog about life, marriage, faith, food, and everything in between. I love to read, write, bake, sew, and anything else I can do with my hands. I'm married to my high school sweetheart (who I will have met exactly 7 years ago on August 17th and we have a furbaby Basset hound, Daisy. We love good food and good friends, and want our home to be a place where those things can be celebrated as we work together to serve the Lord.
Today's question to foster some discussion on using our homes for the Gospel is... How do you use your tables to make your guests feel safe? 

For me I do some very simple but powerful things to make this happen in our home. First, I put my phone away. I want to focus on the people at the table and not have my nose in my phone. Secondly, I make sure to not stress about the little things, like dirty dishes still being out, or not finishing my make up. Yes, I try to tidy up and look presentable, but I try to not go into a tailspin if this doesn't happen. Last, I ask questions about the people around our table. Our greatest desire is for people to feel loved and cherished when they are in our home, and one way we can do this is to stop and talk about the others sharing a meal with us. How about you? How do you make your table a safe place for your guest? 

This month my recipe was supposed to be something different, but sometimes life happens so here I am with this recipe for the most simple restaurant style salsa you will ever eat. 


1 28 oz can whole tomatoes with juice
2 can rotel tomatoes
2 tablespoons of chopped onion
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cumin
1/2 cup cilantro
juice of half a lime.

Combine all ingredients into the bowl of a food processor or blender, and pulse to combine. Taste to see if it needs anything else. Serve with tortilla chips, rice, tacos, or on grilled chicken.

Simple, easy, but such a crowd pleaser. This salsa tastes just like what you get in Mexican restaurants and this recipe makes so much salsa so it is perfect for a crowd.

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