Julep Maven Box + Thoughts on Taking Care of our Temples

So here is the deal ladies, I am a girly girl. It is no hidden secret that I prefer air conditioning to the outdoors, pretty colors over neutrals, and bright pink lipstick over chapstick. So when I heard about this awesome subscription box through the blogging grapevine, I knew I had to try it out!

Julep  is an awesome company that desires to help women embrace who they are and how they are made and feel beautiful. I think this is a beautiful mission, because we are all made in the image of Christ, and to reject our bodies or find discontentment in how we are made is not pleasing to the Lord. Christ longs for us to feel beautiful in the exact perfect way he made us as women. I am a firm believer that while our identity should not come from the clothes we wear, it is good for a woman to take time to dress well, to invest in her physical appearance, and to take care of her temple of the Lord. 

So sometimes taking care of our temples means putting on some bright lipstick, curling our hair, and painting our nails. Sometimes it means running, doing zumba, or practicing yoga. Whatever it means for us it is good to take time to invest in our bodies as temples. 

So back to Julep they have a subscription box called the Maven Box and it is AWESOME. Each box includes two nail polishes, a nail care item, or three nail polishes. What you receive in your is based on your profile. You take a fun little quiz to determine you style, I am a bombshell! 

My first box included two colors that I would probably never pick for myself, but I love them on my fingers! The first was a light lavender shade, and was very feminine and perfect for late spring early summer. It was a subtle color so I didn't feel like I was being too flashy but still felt trendy while wearing this color. The second color was a shimmery jade green. It wasn't glittery by any means just had a slight shimmer that added some dimension and was very elegant when I was wearing it! 

My first box also came with cuticle cream, which I have not used yet. But I am looking forward to using it because I almost never buy fancy nail care items like this! 

The quality of the nail polish is unbelievable! It goes on smoothly, is quick drying, and stays on without chipping for almost over a week. I love that it strengthens my nails while making them look beautiful at the same time! 

The best part about this subscription is that you get your first box 


!! Isn't that amazing? When you sign up and use promo code FREEBOX you will receive you very first Julep Maven Box free of charge. So why not just try it out? You will not be disappointed and you could use a new nail polish shade or two for the summer season I am sure! :) 

Get your first Julep Maven subscription box free!

 I am sure you will love this company just as much as I do!