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Foodie Favorites / All the Fall things

It is time for our second round of foodie favorites! Yay! I feel like most everyone really enjoyed last weeks, and I even had some new recipes to try which I loved. I am excited to continue sharing my favorite foodies and recipes with you every Thursday! 

For this week my fellow foodie is Natasha of Gather Around Our Table. She loves food for all the same reasons as I do so I knew I had to ask her to join in! Meet Natasha!

When Rachel contacted me about being a part of her Foodie Favorites series I was so excited! I love food and more importantly, I love that food has the ability to bring people together. It's the tool to bring everyone back to the table, to sit face to face (no screens allowed) and communicate. In our home, so much of the messiness of life gets worked out at the table. Hard conversations, pushing through the nights we're so tired we don't even want to talk, and laughter, tons of laughter. I started my blog to inspire women to get in their kitchens and bless themselves as well as the ones they love. I believe cooking can be fun and want others to experience the joy of it too!

1. Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Soup - This would make an incredible new mom meal. I can personally attest to what a blessing it was to receive meals night after night when my baby was brand new. This recipe makes a ton, and is great even without chicken by adding a few more peppers, onions, and other veggies. This is a big winner in our home, we love having lots of leftovers! 

2. Chicken Bolognese - Another awesome big-pot-of-dinner dish that I love is Against All Grain's Chicken Bolognese. Being a lover of all things Italian, my eyes bolted to the word "bolognese" when I was perusing her site a while back. Bolognese is a typical dish from Bologna (the food capital of Italy, in the north of the country) made with a hearty beef meat sauce over noodles. AAG is about the Paleo lifestyle, so she gives a dairy free option and a new twist to this dish. This a great entertaining meal as it's hearty but simple to put together. We serve ours over brown rice.

3. Sweet Chili Lime Chicken with Quinoa and Collards - There's no way around it, this dish is incredible. I've never made it with tofu, as the recipe calls for, but sub chicken cut up into small pieces. It is perfection: sweet, sour, healthy, decedent. Yep, it's that good. It takes a few extra steps than the previous two recipes, so I'd rate this as an intermediate challenge to cook. While there seems to be a lot going on, each of the components are simple to do. Another great week night dinner or entertaining meal!

1. Apple Pie Bars - Oh. My. Goodness. These are delicious and I am so ready for fall. I made them this week for our small group, and they were a hit. The perfect combo of a shortbread crust, layers of cinnamon apples, and a sturesal topping PLUS a homemade salted caramel sauce that you can drizzle on top. I have used the caramel for my iced coffee, pumpkin bread...eaten spoonfuls (don't judge, you would too if you tried this stuff). It is so yummy!!

2. Jerk Chicken - I crave this stuff. Ben and I spent our honeymoon in Jamaica and there is nothing like their jerk chicken. It is a super spicy and flavorful marinade that is out of this world. While it comes from one tropical place it is a really warm spice mixture that reminds me of the coziness of fall, so therefore I am craving it now along with apples, pumpkins, and cinnamon everything! 

3. Biscotti (pumpkin spice to be exact) - I have started a "foodie bucketlist" on pinterest of challenging recipes (and some not so challenging) that I want to try in the future. I have grown tired of just pinning and wishing for the day that I can make eclairs, macaroons, and yogurt. There is no time but the present so I am making biscotti this month! YAY!

So what recipes and foods are you craving this week? Share links to your favorites below! 

Curry Crushin' - Foodie Favorites

I love food, I love food.....I really love food. If you have been a reader for any amount of time you probably already know this, but I really do love food. The kitchen is the room in our house that I go to create and clear my head. I love pushing myself with "challenging" recipes and out of the box ingredients. So I guess I can say that I am a self proclaimed foodie. So in honor of this ever growing passion of mine, I wanted to start a little series that would highlight some of my favorite recipes every week. These are not recipes I create, but recipes that I will be making during the week, have fallen in love with, or am dying to try. 

I will also be inviting a different "foodie" that I admire to join me every week and share her favorite recipes as well. So it will be a great way to find new recipes and a fun way for you to meet some really awesome ladies that love food as much as I do! 

This week Madison of Wetherills Say I Do is joining in on the fun and sharing some of favorite recipes as of late! Madison is one of my blogging besties for sure. This girl gets me and is such an encouragement in my life. She has a passionate drive for blogging, community and food. She is just as big of a foodie if not more so than I am. She loves to create new recipes, and is good at it. She is a contributing author at several food blogs, and is always coming up with yummy things! Check her out and show her some love! Here are Madison's picks...

1. BUTTER CHICKEN - We have always incorporated chicken into a lot of our meals. It's so simple to make but I am always looking for new ways to make chicken so it's not always the same thing. This butter chicken looks incredible and I can't wait to try it! It's different than a traditional breaded chicken that I've made many times because it's coated with crackers instead!

2. CREAMY PEA & FRESH HERB FETTUCCINE - This recipe brings me back to Italy! What's funny is that apparently alfredo is not an authentic Italian sauce, it was made up and then adopted by Italians. But my favorite restaurant in Florence served fettuccine alfredo with peas, just like this! I can still remember exactly how it tasted. I love this recipe so I can try to make it at home!

3. CHICKEN WITH SUN DRIED TOMATO PESTO SAUCE - I love the idea of simplifying meals by making meals in one pot. It's a novel idea for us, because I usually make a big mess and use a lot of dishes while I'm cooking. The rule in our house is that the cook doesn't clean, so over the last two years I've tried to be more mindful of the mess I make, because I know my husband will be the one cleaning up! So being able to make a delicious and hearty meal in one pot is definitely up my alley!

And now here are my picks...I have been on quite the curry kick lately. My friend Natalie invited to join her family for dinner last week and she made us the coconut lime chicken and rice...I fell in love, in fact I even included this meal in my Friday Letters last week it was that good. 

1. BASIL CHICKEN CURRY - This just looks divine. It is said that we first eat with ours eyes, and made this meal looks divine. The colors are so vibrant and enticing...this would be a perfect recipe to try and use up the last bits of fresh basil you may have in your garden before Autumn rolls in for the season. 

2. SLOW COOKER BUTTER CHICKEN - We had this for dinner on Monday night and it was super yummy. The coconut cilantro rice that I am sharing over at MyCookingSpot was the perfect companion for this filling meal. The chicken was fall apart tender and so warm and cozy. Delicious!!

3. GRILLED LIME COCONUT CHICKEN - This was the recipe that Natalie made for us, that I will continue to dream about until I make it again. The chicken is marinated then grilled, served with coconut rice, ahhh so so good! Natalie even went a step further and made extra marinade and reduced it down to create a thick and flavorful sauce to drizzle over the rice and chicken. Add a squeeze of lime juice, and you have the most amazing meal I have ever had outside of a restaurant (I am seriously not even exaggerating y' was that good). 

So there you have it! Some of our foodie favorites for you to try this week! Join me back here next week for some more yummy recipes and favorites from Natasha of Gather Around Our Table