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Thoughts on Generosity

Madison is no stranger around here, so excited to have her sharing her thoughts on generosity with you all today! Enjoy this precious friend!

Hey y'all! I'm Madison and I blog over at The Wetherills Say I Do! It's a little ole faith inspired lifestyle blog where I talk about marriage, faith, cooking, photography and travel. I have been overjoyed with the blogging world, growing community and getting to have my own little piece of the internet. I'm so excited to be sharing with you today. Thank you, Rachel, for having me!

Over the last few weeks, our church has been doing a series called Inside Out. The premise behind the series is about what it looks like to be changed by the gospel versus motivated by rules and religion. When we fully realize the magnitude of what the gospel means, Jesus changes us from the inside out and our actions begin to align with the principles of the Bible.

A few weeks ago the subtopic was about generosity. It's one of those sermon topics you don't think you need to hear. But then you hear it and you realize you definitely needed to hear it. Don't you love when God rocks your world a little bit?

A little background info for you. My husband and I moved into our house last August. About two months ago now we had a college student move in with us, after realizing that our house was plenty big for just the two of us and wanting to open up our home to someone who needed a temporarily place to stay. It's mostly been a great experience but it's also been really challenging for us, I think for me especially. How does this situation have anything to do with generosity? 

We tend to think of generosity as being limited to money. But what I have learned over the last few months is that it's more than just about money. A generous heart reaches far past our wallets. Generosity only happens when we realize that the gospel is worth more than our bank account. True generosity only happens when we realize we are called to be generous with our money, our time, our possessions, our gifts, our hearts.

What I've learned from the time that James has lived with us is that I am not as naturally generous as I thought. I'm not generous with sharing my quality time with my husband, I'm not generous with my food (basically because it costs money) and sometimes I'm not generous with my home. But what I've learned even more is that Jesus is working in me and helping me to see these areas of weakness.

When we fully grasp the gospel, there is nothing that we wouldn't be generous with. What I realized is that my view of generosity has been so narrow. If God asks me to be generous with my time or my gifts, I'm quick to second guess it and rationalize having something else to do or my gifts being worth more. 

Instead of being overwhelmed by our greed, we should take heart. When we see our own sin, we see the value of Jesus. When we see our true nature as sinners, Jesus is glorified even more.

So I pray that you'll begin to see where your heart can grow to be more generous. Is it with your time, money, gifts, home? What area is it that God is refining you? What have you learned about generosity lately?

Thanks again, Rachel, for having me today. I hope you all will leave a comment and say hello and drop by my blog to see what it's all about!