How to Write a Mission Statement for your Blog

One of the biggest lessons I have learned as a blogger is the importance of focus. I cannot write about everything under the sun, well I could, but it is not smart to do that. If I write about every thing, then I am not known for anything really...I want to have focus, and direction. I want this space to reflect myself as well as my mission and goals in life. I want to have a purpose behind this blog, and I want that purpose to be evident to my readers.

So I began developing a mission statement a few weeks ago. It has been great already for me to have this printed out and in my binder where I see it several times a day. It helps me stay focused, and reminds me why I blog, and what I am setting out to do by blogging. 

I think this is huge for bloggers who are ready to take their writing and blogs to the next level. So here are some ways to kick start you into writing your own mission statement. 

Start with a blank sheet(s) of paper and a pencil, and answer these questions. 

-Why do I blog?
-What is the purpose for my blog?
-What do I hope a reader leaves knowing about my blog?
-What am I setting out to accomplish by blogging?
-What are the most important things I want to share with my readers?
-Describe your blog in 3 words. 

Now, once you have thought through all these questions, underline key words that you see repeated over and over in your answers. Some of my key words were women, gifts, gospel, marriage, pursue, inspire, encourage. Write these words on a new sheet of paper and try to begin your mission statement. 

A mission statement is a short one to three sentences that cast the vision of the mission/drive behind a business or organization. So these two to three sentences should sum up your brand, your blog, your goals, and your purpose. It should be descriptive and concise, and should draw your readers in and appeal to their emotions. They should be able to identify with what you are saying quickly, so it is important to eliminate unnecessary words and phrases that are "fluff". And it should always be changing as your brand and business changes. 

Here is my mission statement for Oh Simple Thoughts (use your own creative mind, do not copy this statement pretty please!)

The mission of Oh Simple Thoughts is to encourage women in pursuing the unique gifts the Lord has given us, and to help us discover how to use those gifts for the glory of the Lord in our marriages, homes, and in every area of life. The goal of Oh Simple Thoughts is to inspire women of all life stages to "look well to the ways of your household, and eat not the bread of idleness." (Prov.31:27) while creatively proclaiming Jesus in the big and small arenas of life.

So this is short and simple. It tells that my goal is to push women to creatively use their gifts in their marriages, homes (kitchens, parenting, hospitality, cleaning, crafting) and all areas of life (fashion, friendships, small businesses, blogging)...it covers all the topics I write about in a very compact and concise way. 

So what do you say, how do you feel about writing a mission statement for your blog? I would love for those of you that choose to do this to share your statement in the comments if you feel comfortable so I can see and encourage you!