Handmade Highlight - Lavender and Linen + a GIVEAWAY

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Many of you may be new to my Handmade Highlight series. Read all about it here. Basically the purpose behind this blog series is to introduce you to women who love Jesus and creating things with their own hands. So for all you handmade lovers out there remember to tune in every two weeks or so for new vendors and handmade store owners. 

Meet this week's store owner: Kendra of Lavender and Linen!

I have been so blessed to "meet" Kendra via Instagram. We have really developed a sweet little social media friendship because of our mutual love for Jesus, newlywed life, and handmade loveliness. Lavender and Linen is full of vintage inspired and chic items you are going to LOVE.

I did a little interview with Kendra so that you can all get to know her and her precious heart a little bit better. 

Rachel: What inspired you to open up shop?
Kendra: I was in my senior year of high school with no plans of going to college and having a career. The Lord had given me a desire to be a wife and a stay at home mother and I knew that's what I wanted to do but I also had the desire to be able to help make a little extra money from home if necessary. I had started out with headbands and hair clippies and had been selling them to a little shop (which is now where we have our little location!). With some help from my Mom I was able to get a few things listed in an etsy shop and it has grown from there! As it grew I realized it was getting a little too big to handle on my own so I went into partnership with my mom almost a year ago and with both of us working at it we are able to add so much more variety plus I love crafting together and coming up with new products! 

Rachel: What has been the greatest joy for you in creating something for others?
Kendra: I think one of my absolute favorite things in creating things for people is praying over the item before I send it off to them. I am not as disciplined in this as I should be but I try my best to whisper a prayer and ask The Lord to do for them what they have need of and to let my product be a blessing to them!

Rachel: What is the story behind the name lavender and linen?
Kendra: Proverbs 31 has always been an extremely special passage to me and I try daily to be at least a little of that woman.. It lays a great guideline for what a woman of Grace should be like. I love that it shows not only that God created us to work with our hands and be crafty but also that we can use those talents and God given abilities to serve our families! So our name was taken and inspired by this chapter. 

Rachel: What has been your favorite part of newlywed life?
Kendra: hmm.. I have so many favorite parts! I think my most favorite is quality time. I love spending time in conversation, going on date nights or watching a few episodes of our favorite shows together. He truly is my best friend and being with him never gets old!

Rachel: What is one thing the Lord is teaching you right now?
Kendra: Definitely right now I'd say He's teaching me to be still and to trust Him. No matter whats going on. I will run myself ragged worrying about something and not fully wanting to give it over to Him. But I'm learning! He is showing me little by little how much better it is to let go and trust Him to do His divine will. 

Rachel: What is one piece of advice you would give to small business owners?
Kendra: Realize you are blessed! Somedays I find myself so frustrated and complaining about how I don't have time for something I want to do and how I'm tired of sewing and then I realize how ridiculous I'm being. Im blessed that I can sew, I'm blessed that I can work from home doing what I love and help make a little extra money, Im blessed with so many orders! So take some time to be thankful that you get to do what you love. 

Rachel: What are your favorite items to create?
Kendra: I think the coffee cozies are my new favorites. I love finding new verses or quotes to put on them and I also LOVE seeing what people come up with to put on their own custom cozies. They can be so personal with all the different colors and quotes.

Look at all this loveliness from Lavender and Linen!

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Kendra has so gracious given one of her soft stretchy headbands and a hand stamped inspirational coffee cozy for a giveaway. Enter below for your chance to win! 

Happy Happy Tuesday sweet ones. I hope you all give sweet Kendra lots of love today and get to know her. She is a gem and such an encouragement!