M E E T   R A C H E L


I am married to my best friend Benjamin Caleb, and together we live in a small Mississippi town with our little Cockapoo puppy, Piper. I find myself the most content when dancing in the kitchen with my shoes off and something delicious simmering on our stove top. I enjoy creating with my hands more than anything and that looks differently every single day. I find it the greatest privilege and joy that I am able to pursue creativity every single day! 

I also have a passion for anything and everything handmade. I am the face behind the Oh Simple Joys shop and create things with my hands to bring joy to your home and cause others to slow down and savor the small little joys in life. 

Oh Simple Joys is a place to celebrate life and all the little simple pleasures it has to offer, check out more here



I love getting to know fellow creatives and would love to collaborate with you in some way or just chat! Send me a message and let's get to know one another!