This questionnaire is focused on the layout and technical dynamic of your website. The more thorough you are the better I can serve you as your designer, so take your time!

Name *
(Blog, To provide business information to clients, to sell a product, to showcase a portfolio...etc.)
(Prices, Package options, About Me...Contact, Portfolio...etc)
(If the primary function of your design is for blogging just ignore this question!)
If you are wanting any type of drop down menu in your Navigation Bar, please use this box to layout the drop down layout.
This is the first page a client sees upon entering your website. It can have a slideshow, a picture with buttons to different pages in the site...for an example of this go look at www.laurakittrellphotography.com
Do you need ecommerce capability? *
If so please send them to me via email. I highly encourage you to have professional pictures of your product, or brand to use throughout the website.
Full screen, all white background, scrolling homepage...etc.